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Global Financial Solution (GFS) is a full service aggregator and provider of personal and business finance, specialising in residential backed mortgage origination and broking. GFS specialises in supporting compliance for licence holders and credit representatives and has a substantial list of accountant and financial planning referral partners to support your business.

GFS officially opened for business on 2nd June 2003 and maintains lender accreditations with a number of banks and other financial institutions, which offers greater flexibility and choice. The variety and quality of GFS loans means you can meet your clients' needs easily. See the full panel of lenders here.

GFS provides a full service model aggregation service. Training, mentoring and growing your business through quality support services are part of the package.

GFS is a wholly owned subsidiary of GFS Group (GFSG). Wholly owned companies owned by GFSG and GFS Group include:

  • Professional Investment Services (PIS)
  • Global Financial Solution (GFS)
  • Mentor
  • Ventura
  • Associated Advisory Practices Limited (AAP)
  • ll Star Funds
  • Insurance Premium Funding

Income Diversification

Being part of GFS Group, South Africa's leading independently-owned network of financial advisers and accountants, gives our members opportunities to diversify their income by joining or referring to other parts of the business. This is an advantage GFS has over most aggregators and has managed very successfully.

Published Wed 02-05-16
Published Wed 02-05-16

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Telephone: +27 74 038 5074
Fax: +27 74 038 5075
Email: info@gfsrsa.com
Address: GFS House, 23B 10th Avenue, Rivonia 2128. South Africa.

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2010 Finalist - MFAA Awards     2011 Finalist - MFAA Awards

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